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Previous Poetry News

May 15, 2011

  1. Poets Read at McIntyre's

  2. How to Write Bad Poetry The Unreliable Narrator

  3. Controversial, Blunt & Outspoken Yet Meaningful Poetry Collection

  4. Celebrating National Poetry Month…with zombie haiku! The Hub

  5. Poetry Corner Sunshine's Reflections Blog

  6. Poet Mom: 2011 Pulitzers in Fiction and Poetry

  7. Fifth Annual Young Poets' night at the National Arts Club

  8.  Poems - Concrete Sue

  9. Poetry Ktravula – a travelogue!

  10. All Our Hungers The Official Website of Poet, Luisa Igloria

  11. Poem for Gaza by Palestinian Poet Remi Kanazi

  12. The Distressed Poet 1736 - William Hogarth


  14. Poetry The Unquiet Librarian

  15. Another Lost Shark the poems and other words of Graham Nunn

  16. Issa's Untidy Hut: Hyakunin Isshu: 100 Poems by 100 Poets



June 30, 2010

  1. Death of a poet
  2. Five poets to have their works etched in concrete
  3. Today's Russian Poets
  4. Andrei Voznesensky, Poet, Dies at 77
  5. Oxford poetry professor candidate withdraws as controversy erupts again
  6. Poet Wendy to read at Holloway Arts Festival
  7. The cleric who changed
  8. Chit-Chat: Rivers run through it
  9. Memphis poet to preside over National poetry society
  10. Nuclear verse
  11. Napa Valley Writers Conference marks its 30th year
  12. Poets and Thaws and Dictators and Faded History
  13. Conference draws poets not for reading, but for crafting
  14. Death of a poet
  15. Local poets featured in Kepler's event
  16. Stand Up Poetry
  17. Wallingford Bulletin Board
  18. Peter Orlovsky, poet and muse of longtime partner Allen Ginsberg, dies at 76
  19. CB Follett chosen as Marin's new poet laureate
  20. Denville writer celebrates with new book of poetry
  21. A published poet at 16
  22. Palo Alto poets highlighted in poet laureate's contest
  23. Zim poets tour UK
  24. Small Press Spotlight
  25. Poet draws inspiration from everyday things, local life
  26. Funeral for Michigan poet Henrietta Epstein set for Tuesday
  27. The Sexy Poets of Ypsilanti
  28. Slam poetry camp entry deadline June 14

May 30, 2010

  1. An April shower of great new poetry books for children
  2. Stine and Ager highlight National Poetry Month
  3. The Apple Trees at Olema and The Best of It
  4. Poetry Reading Takes Precedence
  5. Local poets and Cal Poly faculty members Kevin Clark and James Cushing
  6. Waxing poetically in Pasadena
  7. A day to honor poets Quoth the raven Evermore
  8. Maine Man Launches Dead Poets Remembrance Day
  9. South Windsor poets wanted for anthology publication
  10. Tributes flood in for the poet with a rare mind
  11. Expat poet among best of a generation
  12. A whole live poet for my desert island
  13. Student Poetry Reading wraps up National Poetry Month
  14. Dodge Poetry Festival a boon to Newark and poets
  15. Poetry Slam sparking more student interest
  16. USCA students form poetry club
  17. Foreign languages bring poetry to our ears
  18. EU's Haiku Herman launches first poetry book
  19. Poetry winners wax warmly about New Haven
  20. Classic review: Standing by Words
  21. Poets unite in differences
  22. Tacoma's new Soul of the City Poet Laureate
  23. Northside poetry reading invites you to Get Lit
  24. Poets move out of the barn and under city lights
  25. Despite weather, poetry festival draws crowds
  26. Art for poetry program sought
  27. Derek Walcott, Man of Many Voices
  28. The sensation at Saudi Arabia's Pop Idol for poets
  29. The Diamond Dog
  30. 11 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month With The New York Times
  31. Poet and Anti-Poet

April 15, 2010

  1. Webster Professor David Clewell Named Missouri's Poet Laureate
  2. For this poet, bombing at a reading won't be bad
  3. Poetry deadline approaches for Randall contest
  4. Poets Waldrep and Wilkinson read at Prairie Lights
  5. My Son the Recruit
  6. Paws for Poetry contest seeks submissions from kids
  7. Students to compete in state poetry championship
  8. Chicago Feature Focus: Tristan Silverman
  9. Poem of the Week: From the Maelstrom by Ned Balbo
  10. Croatia publishes anthology of Persian poetry
  11. Poetry review: Poets for Haiti
  12. Hanson Park Conservancy in Cranford kicks off spring programming with poetry
  13. Exuberant, dark wit abounds in Tufts alumna's poetry debut
  14. Calling all poetry lovers
  15. Kids Reading and Writing Poetry
  16. Literary connections
  17. An Interview with David Baker
  18. Abraham Sutzkever
  19. A poetry experience beyond words
  20. Memorials for poet Lucille Clifton
  21. News Reports Can't Begin to Describe War, But Poets Can
  22. Penn State lecturer shares autobiographical poems
  23. Sandburg Festival contests in words and pictures
  24. What's so wrong with having a sense of humour
  25. Gala with a literary slant
  26. Iowa Poetry Prize winners are now available from the UI Press

January 31, 2010

  1. SMU professor and poet Jack Elliot Myers co-founded Writer's Garret
  2. Minneapolis poet wins British prize
  3. Add a personal message:(80 character limit)
  4. The Embrace: Selected Poems by Valerio Magrelli
  5. Young students take to poetry slam
  6. David Seaborg's book of poetry includes opinions on good poems
  7. On Poetry: Classic children's poetry glorifies purity of childhood
  8. Christmas books
  9. Considering all she knew
  10. Two young Cotter writers publish poems
  11. A fine romantic
  12. True Romantics Wore Horns
  13. Dowling puts meaning to test in new collection
  14. ISU poets stage tactile art/poetry show for the blind
  15. Poet pens 100 poems in 100 days
  16. Fine Print | A Love Letter to the Letterpress
  17. Poetry Series Spurs Debate on the Use of an Old Slur Against Latinos
  18. Poetry in brief
  19. Asheville poetry reading, book signing set
  20. Bright life in US inspires Amherst poet
  21. Museum celebrates young cowboy poets
  22. The Anthologist: Pining For The Four-Beat Rhythm Poem
  23. Our Views: Seeing DC as poetry
  24. Clive James in running for poetry award
  25. Poster poems: Englynion

October 31, 2009

  1. On Poetry: Keep poets out of palaces and make work accessible
  2. Utah Humanities Book Festival: Poetry, a Pulitzer Prize-winner and civil
  3. Carl Phillips' Speak Low named National Book Award finalist
  4. A poet loses his mother but not his poetry
  5. Children's Poetry Competition Open for Submissions
  6. Weekend celebrates poet
  7. Outside the Narrative by Tom Leonard
  8. State Poet Laureate to speak
  9. Bartonsville poetry festival too fun for words
  10. A life in writing
  11. A time for poetry
  12. There once was a place called Niagara
  13. Poet in motion
  14. LI Poet of the Year
  15. Transparent New Home for Poetry
  16. Milvia Street Journal celebrates 20th anniversary with new edition and party
  17. TS Eliot named the nation's favourite poet
  18. PJC student heads local poetry group
  19. Don Paterson wins the Forward poetry prize with masterful collection
  20. Poem of the day – “A heart's trajectory”
  21. Planting poetry
  22. More than half of primary teachers are unable to name three poets
  23. DC Jail's Free Minds Young Poets Hold Sixth Annual Poetry Reading
  24. Book Calendar
  25. Lindsay Barrett's statement on literature prize
  26. Soul Café Reunites, October 18th in Minneapolis
  27. Reading more into influence of books
  28. Poets seeking tales from the riverbank
  29. Nida saves the day at Urdu poetry night

September 15, 2009

  1. The Herald Gazette Art/Entertainment Editor
  2. Performing poet Liv aims to be bees knees
  3. Chatological Humor: Monthly with Moron
  4. Port City Poets: Chapbook of the day
  5. When the page turned on poetry event
  6. By Wallace Stevens Edited by John N. Serio
  7. Info 101: Northern California poetry venues
  8. Young poets shine at library
  9. Jeopardy! college test questions
  10. 17 Poets on a New Orleans Thursday night
  11. Lawmaker touts city for poetry festival
  12. School pupils enter Yellow Hat Tribe poetry competition
  13. Port City Poets: Sunday - Poetry fusion at the Gypsy
  14. Poetry in Motion
  15. Tamil poems find an English audience
  16. Bringing poetry to the parks
  17. Hungry Young Poet feeds the community
  18. R. Dwayne Betts: A mind unconfined by jail
  19. The 'failed poet' who turned to method acting
  20. Speaking Tree: The cosmic intimacy of Radha and Krishna
  21. Port City Poets: Saturday - Between the Lines, an all-out poetry
  22. What's Happening in Oroville
  23. Slam Poetry 101
  24. Young Poets To Celebrate Aging At Ithaca College
  25. A hint still of the shy schoolboy Roger McGough. Photograph
  26. Book Review: Literary as well as Religious, Poems of Piety
  27. Robin Williams in good movie shocker
  28. C&W acquires seductive poetry collection
  29. Horsegod: Collected Poems Prolific, Award-winning Poet Pens

August 15, 2009

  1. Poet tackles polarizing topics with a goal of rearranging
  2. Griffins flew, poets were good craic, too
  3. Ooga-Booga by Frederick Seidel
  4. Sunken Garden Poetry & Music Festival Returns
  5. Cowboy poetry contest under way at Monterey County Free Libraries
  6. Dharma Poetry: Rilke and Rodin
  7. Arabic poetry now embraces the humanist sentiment
  8. Happy Birthday, Federico García Lorca, Spanish Poet and Playwright
  9. Poetry of Rumi Spans Across Centuries, Cultures
  10. Poetry: Opening Up
  11. Skin Divers: poetry in motion
  12. Is Slam in Danger of Going Soft?
  13. Port City Poets: Poetry cash prizes and more
  14. Seeking strength in poetry is focus of CCA event
  15. Making it new
  16. Tri-town briefs
  17. Students compete in Mariner art and poetry festival
  18. A Mentor Worth Mention
  19. Events calendar: Stage and theater
  20. Ninth issue of Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet is published
  21. Ridl to lead poetry workshop
  22. Stephen Sandy to Read for Books for Bennington
  23. Winners chosen in the May InterBoard Poetry Competition
  24. Student poetry stretches social, political gamut
  25. Miami Resident Publishes New Book of Poetry
  26. USC campus library celebrates poet Burns' 250th anniversary
  27. Summer Poetry Pub Crawl Coming Saturday, June 13th
  28. Poetry, like sex, is better felt than understood
  29. Young poets' way with words leads to published work

May 15, 2009

  1. Lincoln Poets Club celebrates National Poetry Month
  2. Poetry Gets to the Heart of the Matter
  3. WS Merwin: The 'Sirius' Side Of Poetry
  4. Peace poetry project presentations at NECC
  5. Marin poet laureate encourages county to sit down and write
  6. InterClub Council hosts Poetry Slam
  7. Students discover the beauty of poetry
  8. Little-known Indian writer joins race for Oxford poetry professor
  9. Grace Cavalieri Presents Five Books of Poetry
  10. Corner Books: Great new poetry books for children
  11. Prestwood fifth-graders take to airwaves with own Earth Day poetry
  12. The NaPoMo Questionnaire: Jason Guriel
  13. Students bring wordplay skills to annual poetry slam
  14. Jim Powell: Irascible poet with stolen license
  15. 2 students win prizes at poetry contest
  16. Obama's first 100 days — in poems
  17. Find your passion for poetry
  18. Poetry In The Air
  19. Friends of West Roxbury Library comes to the table with food
  20. Young poets can show it
  21. Silver Stage celebrates Library Poetry
  22. Young poets win prestigious national awards
  23. Ventura County Writer's Club sponsors poetry contest
  24. Imagination Verses
  25. A native son's legacy
  26. Write on Sac
  27. Arts Council hosts Poetry Month event
  28. 2009 Christopher Tower Poetry Competition
  29. The NaPoMo Questionnaire: Anita Lahey
  30. Poetry contest winners named

April 23, 2009

  1. Poems for every day
  2. Poetry: 'Essential Pleasures' by Robert Pinsky
  3. Poetry takes center stage in April
  4. 2 bodies of work about the human body
  5. Belfast poets read at CMCA
  6. The landscape of a great poet
  7. The NaPoMo Questionnaire: George Murray
  8. Born in the USA: Whitman museum on Long Island a hallowed site
  9. Providence Public Library Announces First Annual Poetry Festival
  10. Nothing New Under the Sun
  11. Tales from the riverbank: Nature poet Alice Oswald on her own turf
  12. Pizarro: It's time for Santa Clara County to make a poem
  13. Former poet laureate visits campus
  14. Clarke’s poetry sings with blues and bliss
  15. Sestets by Charles Wright
  16. Star in the Eye by James Shea
  17. Tom Clark and the Lyric Self
  18. Poet laureate opens up on linguistic love
  19. Collected Poems by Michael Donaghy
  20. Line by Line, Poets Capture the Immigrant Story, New Jersey Style
  21. Stanford Professor Asks, “Can Poetry Save the Earth?”
  22. Teen poets share their voices in a new HBO show
  23. Search begins for talented wordsmith
  24. An Evening of poetry and art at the Les Malamut Art Gallery
  25. Isaac Rosenberg
  26. Poet popped in for college Book Day
  27. Marsalis, Gyllenhaal read poetry at NYC benefit
  28. Delhi to host Urdu poets from across world
  29. Gethsemani monk finds art in devotion

April 5, 2009

  1. Stellar Poetry -- New Anthology by Award-Winning Poet Eva Kohr
  2. Experience a Sunday Kind of Love tomorrow at Busboys and Poets
  3. Day jobs inspire poet Ellen Watson
  4. Five Questions With JD McClatchy
  5. Calling on authors and poetry
  6. UCR Poet Wins Top Prize
  7. Former Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky at Falmouth High School
  8. Arabic Poetry At The Touch Of A Button
  9. Revisiting Rimbaud
  10. Welsh poet Menna Elfyn’s work to be featured
  11. Poets share their work
  12. Bard’s poetic inheritance is in safe hands
  13. Reading under the influence
  14. CU Poetry Slam
  15. Buchanan/Gischler program opportunity for readers
  16. Listening Post /Brief reviews of select releases
  17. Poetry awards given
  18. Fusion of art and poetry in Norwich
  19. Award winning poet to give lecture
  20. Verissimo Spurns Her Sprig
  21. Breaking poems
  22. Yuma poetry contest seeks winning words
  23. Poet's voice fresh, friendly, gives you hope
  24. They'll excite with poetry Thursday nigh
  25. Oxford Literary Festival
  26. Quirks of behavior provoke rhymes
  27. They're well-versed in hard times
  28. Local News In Brief
  29. Celebrating erotic poems of the past
  30. Rebuilding Iraq, one poem at a time


March 15, 2009

  1. The Great(ness) Game
  2. Dean Moss and Yoon Jin Kim
  3. Collected Poems by George Szirtes
  4. Back When I Was Normal
  5. Inaugural Poem A Dud With Readers
  6. A day for poets and poetry at Penn Charter
  7. Gath'ring words, expansive, terse, to tell a Cambridge tale in verse
  8. Iowa’s poet laureate lauds Iowa’s land and people
  9. Reading: Poet XJ Kennedy - Colorado College
  10. Time and the Tilting Earth
  11. Obituaries in the news
  12. Poetry in Motion
  13. Renowned poet Linda Bierds visits Whitman
  14. And the poet's house went up in flames
  15. Noise, sound, or poetry
  16. Poet Brenda Shaughnessy to speak for Writing Program Reading
  17. Female poets bring surprising, creative elements
  18. Poems on Ekushey Theme
  19. Culver picks Writers’ Workshop grad Swander to be poet laureate
  20. Teen poetry contest with prizes in Penfield
  21. A Little Poetry, A Little Lunch
  22. Poets explore domestic abuse at Miramar library
  23. Poet on poet
  24. News calendar: Starting Feb. 20
  25. Waxing Poetic
  26. Literary Calendar
  27. Poetry Is Richard Deming’s Native Tongue
  28. Kurdistan in the eye of a poet
  29. February: the month of Faiz
  30. Singer and poet to perform

February 10, 2009

  1. A celebration of Heaney
  2. Toasting Robert Burns on his 250th birthday
  3. Scots to commemorate 250 years since poet Burns's birth
  4. Andrew Motion may be last Poet Laureate to write royal ode
  5. Sheer poetry: Center School students; Poet Populist celebration
  6. Poets face difficult task when writing for new president
  7. Pascale Petit: A Poet With a Mission
  8. Library friends invite poets to celebration
  9. Could Obama's speech be called poetry
  10. Sufficiency of the Actual by Kevin Stein
  11. Poetry on Page 1
  12. Rimbaud: The Double Life Of A Rebel, By Edmund White
  13. Slamming Poetry
  14. Poetry Palooza At Carousel Center
  15. Snodgrass is walking through the universe
  16. The Poet and His Muse
  17. God's creation acknowledged by Cowboy Poets
  18. Betty McCarthy invited to participate in 25th National Cowboy
  19. First poetry slam Feb. 10 at UHS
  20. What Are You Doing Tomorrow
  21. Local poets celebrate Obama decision to include inaugural poem
  22. Official rhyme without reason
  23. Beloved poetry festival is now, alas, nevermore
  24. Writers, poets: Enter the DDN's contest
  25. Vermillion group hosting poetry reading, slam
  26. Chuckies fir the Cairn
  27. Interview: Alien Vs. Predator Poet Michael Robbins
  28. Robbie Burns Day pays tribute to a Lowland
  29. Resistance Poetry to Land in Toronto

January 15, 2009

  1. Blagojevich and the British - poets, that is
  2. Bard news ... we have the English to thank for Burns
  3. John Ronan: Rhyme and reason
  4. Local poets show off their talent
  5. Bards at the Inaugural Gates
  6. Turkey rehabilitates poet Hikmet
  7. On Poetry: Medieval monks’ poetry celebrated living a full life
  8. On the air
  9. KTRU pick of the week: Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read
  10. WCC Presents Poets And Writers Series
  11. Teenage dirtbag
  12. A CHAT FROM LONDON:When American poets set foot in London
  13. Credo: dream songs of faith, doubt and the God of rescue
  14. Maulucci On Poetry: Poets have long credited wine for inspiration
  15. The Insider: Peter Finch
  16. Edmundson's January Term Class Offers the Gift of Poetry
  17. Haiku meets Gujarati poetry
  18. A piece of work, and then some
  19. Australia needs a poet laureate
  20. Poetry, visual arts hook up
  21. Roberto Bolaño's last work was his masterpiece
  22. Poet Carolyn Forché to speak for Writing Program Reading Series
  23. A poetic tidal wave of love hits a local café
  24. Water Street Bookstore hosts local author and poetry night
  25. E. Donald Two-Rivers 1945-2008: Ojibwa poet, playwright
  26. Verse & Harmony: An Evening of Open Mic Poetry & Music
  27. Amichai to Darwish: Palestinian and Israeli writers on conflict
  28. SF Library Hosts Reading of Jack Spicer’s Poetry
  29. The People’s Poet  Honoring Rabindranath Tagore

January 1, 2009

  1. New Burns poems discovered alongside 'rude' letters
  2. For poetry's sake, they jumped in the lake
  3. "Shimming the Glass House" is a book not to be missed
  4. TEEN PAGE: Online extra: Book review: “The Best American Poetry 2008.”
  5. Rhyming Name Dropper Returns
  6. Poetry Lovers: The Pearls of French Literature in English
  7. Meeting with Enrique Lihn
  8. Poetry saved me—‘Tagaytay 5’ member
  9. Jim Dine: Poet Singing (The Flowering Sheets)
  10. Poetry present to help overcome poverty
  11. Lost and found – Burns' hidden poems make it into collection
  12. Missouri Poets: Wayne Zade
  13. Review of Dear Anais: My Life in Poems for You
  14. Poets Program Bridges Ireland and Oregon Coast
  15. Long Island writers work out their issues with poetry
  16. Celebrating nature and spirit
  17. Poet's voice of choice
  18. Local poet becomes a published author
  19. Whimsy and irony in chapbooks
  20. Book review: 'Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Life' examines confluence
  21. Penn Libraries Receive Gotham Book Mart Collection
  22. Poetry Roundup
  23. Poet, Lyricist, Newspaperman
  24. Kamala Suraiya
  25. Lunch Weekly for Monday, December 15
  26. Guantanamo Bay Hearings, Detainee Voices, Juvenile Detainees
  27. John Ronan: Gloucester Poetry on the World(WW) Stage
  28. West Hill poet wins accolade
  29. Poetry OmniBus calls for poems
  30. Watershed Wednesday features poems about Verde

December 9, 2008

  1. Poetry: Seamus and the shaman
  2. BU staffer Kerri French tapped for poetry anthology; reading tonight
  3. Bernardsville Public Library hosts poetry reading
  4. DePauw professor's poetry etched on stained-glass window at airport
  5. Joe Stroud recapitulates a life in poetry
  6. Michael Dirda on the 10 Commandments of Book Giving
  7. Genius in hell
  8. Windhover hosts poets
  9. “Beyond This Universe of Countless Words”
  10. Jings, crivvens – Maw feels flushed
  11. John Milton Poetry Festival celebrates a decade Dec. 6-7
  12. A celebration of the lives of poets Finkel and Urdang to be held
  13. Yiddish Poetry: Up Close and Personal
  14. Vigo author remembers roots
  15. Sound and vision
  16. Author makes a 'Wild Flight' into AC
  17. 'Fire to Fire' by Mark Doty: Poems with power to resurrect the past
  18. Carruth memorial set for Thursday
  19. "Classical Chinese Poetry" is a real treat
  20. Arts & Theater
  21. 'Lost as Food and Won as a Coast'
  22. Fresh air and Chanel No 5
  23. Two Boston poets use their art for the good of the tribe
  24. John Milton is celebrated
  25. Lankan wins Singapore Literature Prize
  26. Farmington Corner Poets who matter: No. 19 — Mr. Ramgunshoch
  27. Local students use poetry to express peace from within click video
  28. The Unlikely Poet: An LI Tomboy Turned Poet Helps Reignite the Form
  29. The Write Stuff: Open Mics Everywhere This Week
  30. Poetry close to home

December 2, 2008

  1. The Poetry of Pain
  2. Texas native, UH poet win National Book Awards
  3. The spider in the glass
  4. Local students use poetry to express peace from within click video
  5. Constance Carrier, a Local Teacher and Noted Poet, Will be Honored
  6. Poems for a Sunday in Pacifica - 13th Annual Poetry Festival at
  7. Poster poems: Water, water everywhere
  8. Missouri Poets: Joe Benevento
  9. Cowboy poets gather to sing, recite tales in downtown Grand Junction
  10. Poet's Corner: Snip, snip
  11. Exhibition combines work of young writers with lively portraits of
  12. Faiz poetry ‘alive in people’s hearts’
  13. A poetic return
  14. Congress held for Polish poet
  15. Placido Domingo to record album of Pope John Paul II poems
  16. Books & Poetry
  17. Finding his rhythm
  18. Area poets, authors share recent works at Raymond library
  19. Pulling poems by their roots
  20. Remembering Rimbaud
  21. King’s Books welcomes acclaimed poets for marathon event
  22. Professor wins poetry prize
  23. Red Hen Press Presents Poetry Readings at Boston Court
  24. Cowboy poetry event a big hit at Library
  25. young poets take the spotlight; a call for poetry; mystery at RiverRun
  26. Kashmiri poetry is about suffering of its people: Rahi
  27. Achebe celebrates African literature
  28. Mushaira by Aligarh Muslim University alumni
  29. Santa Clara County votes to create poet laureate position

November 21, 2008

  1. Read an Excerpt From Roberto Bolaño’s New Poetry Collection
  2. Blood, bombs and bards: poetry from the frontline
  3. Intimacy and Solitude
  4. Poetry artist Medina to read at Pub
  5. Natural Poet
  6. Ashbery's poems make unknowable known
  7. Book notes Visiting poetry professor will read at Auntie's
  8. 'More better' - the poetry of patois
  9. Missouri Poets: Marjorie Stelmach
  10. The Best Canadian Poetry 2008
  11. Fair well versed with more than 40 poets
  12. John Taylor's, Into the Heart of European Poetry Unveils the Major
  13. Overview Of Post-independence Zim Poetry
  14. Fakier's poems are emotional, engaging
  15. Biography of priest-poet shows strength of verse
  16. Child’s Garden of Hip-Hop (for Mom to Love, Too)
  17. A poet's recovery
  18. Poet and Prairie Schooner award winner Guest to speak at UNL
  19. Michael Dirda on 'Words in Air'
  20. Discovering Merwin's secret
  21. James Billington
  22. Youth flock to bust rhymes at poetry slams across the country
  23. Casting impassioned words to heal
  24. Tom Lucca Will Join Romantic Poetry Nov. 18
  25. A Village of Words
  26. Poet Kay Ryan speaks tonight at Montalvo
  27. Poetry: Questions ... The life-blood of human curiosity
  28. Inmate-turned-poet brings his message to Salinas
  29. Poetry needs to move out of the garret for good

November 3, 2008

  1. Pivotal spoken-word group performs at SF State
  2. The poet and the world —Wislawa Szymborska
  3. Poetry roundup
  4. Words in Air
  5. How Abuja stood still for poet, Okigbo’s daughter
  6. Performance pair can't stop kicking against convention
  7. Flight traces trajectory of poet's career
  8. A culture for contemplation
  9. Educator speaks on grotesqueness of war; beauty of poetry
  10. Poetry That Reflects a Poet's Life -- Learn Many Touching Lessons
  11. Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Buckaroo Fair starts Tuesday
  12. Creative layers
  13. Plymouth proves itself a place for poetry
  14. Arts and Culture Art & culture buzz in the 'ber' months
  15. Poetry: A night of Polish poetry, Wislawa's words
  16. LKJ analyses Writing Reggae
  17. The Glass Swarm by Peter Bennet
  18. Rubber Chicken Rhyme
  19. Found in the translation
  20. POETRY : Poets gather for a special election open mike night
  21. Poets see no rhyme or reason for Listener's decision to drop odes
  22. Boyd Tonkin: Breaking the ice for poetry and pop
  23. Poet lands book deal with major publisher
  24. Blackpool library poets do it live
  25. Niche: A Weekly Peek at an Area Artist
  26. Art news in brief
  27. Poet arrested in Jordan for insulting Islam
  28. Yusuf Kanli Crisis and poetry in Kuwait
  29. Facing death with poetry


October 29, 2008

  1. John Walsh: Why shouldn't newpapers print odes to Obama
  2. Why a particular location can make a poem universal
  3. Three Poems
  4. Literary Poet Stops At HMS
  5. Shanley and Krieger's Musical Romantic Poetry Opens
  6. Poet, author addresses the 'search for good'
  7. Lecture on fountains of thoughtful poetry of Shah Bhitai
  8. BOMS set to drop on Brandeis
  9. Staying in  Poet arrested in Jordan for insulting Islam
  10. Scattered Voices’ on Gujarat riots resonate in scribe’s book
  11. Cesar Chavez Library site of poetry workshop
  12. Poetry Of Askin Ozcan
  13. The letters of Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell
  14. In tribute to Herbert
  15. Poem of the week: Hummingbird
  16. POETRY : Poets gather for a special election open mike night
  17. BOOKS: The poet laureate looks back
  18. Local poet returns
  19. The Collected Poems, 1956-1998
  20. Pauline's childhood memories earn her Yorkshire Poetry Prize
  21. Reviews: John Muir, architecture, poetry, Mencken
  22. Poetry reading set Thursday at Keystone
  23. Exeter news briefs
  24. Zoo sponsors youth poetry contest
  25. Ted Hughes archive to remain in UK
  26. Poet Kay Ryan speaks tonight at Montalvo
  27. Interview: Jazzman John Clarke
  28. Ask a Poet
  29. Staten Island Poetry Society prints anthology

October 20, 2008

  1. So where are the new poets
  2. Poster poems: Childhood
  3. Celebrating the life of a poet
  4. The poets drop in to check out BPC digs
  5. Schools shunning poetry, says Children's Laureate Michael Rosen
  6. The Nepali Poet Who Never Gave Up
  7. Young poets pen their way to success
  8. Ted Hughes archive to remain in UK
  9. Funeral for Daglarca to be held Monday
  10. Witty look at love and poetry in Victorian era
  11. Humor, irony grace Collins’ poetry
  12. Whitman among those who preach humanism through poetry
  13. Literary festival honors poet Frank Stanford
  14. Rough-hewn genius of Ted Hughes laid bare
  15. How you can beat credit crunch for a happy hour
  16. Poets Celebrate at Broughty's Orchar Park
  17. Dylan fans can rent poet’s childhood home
  18. Poets battle it out for Buxton prize
  19. Musicians, poets and singers join hands
  20. Poet honored for lifetime contributions
  21. University of Arkansas Poet to be Keynote Speaker at Arkansas
  22. Talking Volumes announces next two authors
  23. ALTA Translation Award Honors Pulitzer-Winning Poet
  24. Love and poetry lead to tragedy
  25. Write Thing Reading Series Continues with Poet Christopher Schmidt
  26. In the poet's spotlight
  27. Jesse Locks: 'Reunion Reading' tonight with pair of poets
  28. Fun frights for adults with horror poetry jam

October 15, 2008

  1. Poster poems: Toil and trouble
  2. Poetry has its pros
  3. Prose Infused With Scent of Poet
  4. Acclaimed poet, author, musician and activist Ed Sanders
  5. Anthology: The Task of the Translator-Poet
  6. Poetry for the people comes to the Valleys
  7. Love for Chinese poems spurs show
  8. Plenty to swoon over at the Forward prizes
  9. Mahmoud Darwish remembered with poetry reading
  10. Poets converging on Carrboro this weekend
  11. You have three minutes to speed date a free thinker
  12. Rosanna Warren's 'Fables' about poetry
  13. A fairer house than prose
  14. Albert Goldbarth and Mary Ann Hoberman
  15. Poetry Book of Love's Many Passions
  16. Poets kick off fun-filled Lit.Com festival
  17. Lowell gathering aims to bring art form into everyday culture
  18. The passions in poetry
  19. Latin American Poets Gather in Santiago
  20. Poetry readings
  21. Flawed landscape: Poems 1987-2008
  22. Zen Garden hosts fall poetry fest
  23. Fort Hamilton HS Student’s Poem
  24. Award-winning poet named writer-in-residence at WVU
  25. Why poets take trains
  26. Poetry Roundup
  27. Oakville's Sevels guest at Poetry Cafe
  28. the illuminations of Patti Smith
  29. Newfoundland Poet creates

October 7, 2008

  1. Importing a passion for poetry
  2. Poets, Actors Celebrate Lincoln's Poetic Side
  3. Pulitzer-winning poet Natasha Trethewey visits
  4. A few choice words from the guru
  5. Poem of the week: The Owl Describing her Young Ones
  6. Poet accused of being enemy of Islam
  7. £25000 will put poetry in motion
  8. Palestine in verse: "Flawed Landscape" and "Poets for Palestine
  9. Subterfuge of simplicity
  10. Slam poets personify prose
  11. Young poet wins award
  12. Indiana Poet Laureate Norbert Krapf to Present "The Music of Words
  14. International poetry festival to be held in Ulaanbaatar
  15. Catching up with ballboy's chamber-pop poetry
  16. Bob Dylans greatest inspiration was Robert Burns poetry
  17. Poetry launch in Halesowen
  18. Parting Words: Remembering Hayden Carruth
  19. Poetry: A poet's quest of spiritual intimacy
  20. Representative voices
  21. You promised me poems
  22. Literary notes
  23. Five questions for Patience Agbabi
  24. PAL publishes books on Rashid, Yusufi
  25. The shaping of a literary life
  26. Hayden Carruth, 87; Poems Reflected Struggles of Life
  27. Former poet laureate
  28. Panicker changed poetic tradition’
  29. Poet Czeslaw Milosz's last days
  30. Let’s Jazz it up

October 3, 2008

  1. Hayden Carruth, 87; Poems Reflected Struggles of Life
  2. TLS Translation Prizes 2008
  3. Poets say goodbye to Melissa Gordon
  4. The dizzying psychic liberation offered by Lucretius' epic poem
  5. Poet Captures Imagery Into Words -- A Fascinating Collection of
  6. Picasso's verbal artistry
  7. Welcome to the Poetry of Polymath Clive James
  8. Gerald Stern will read poetry at Ursinus
  9. Slam poetry: The world of spoken word artists
  10. Poetry Live & Out Loud at the library!
  11. Talking with the founder of the first-ever Massachusetts Poetry
  12. Foyle Young Poets Of The Year Award - Announced Thursday 9 October
  13. Literary reading program presents October poetry reading
  14. Debaters transform into poets, musicians
  15. Acapulco to host the World Congress of Poets
  16. Tudor Arghezi- Biography and Works
  17. Paging all writers and poets
  18. Nobel Laureate Dazzles Sanders
  19. Amis explores Larkin legacy
  20. Creative Communication's Fall 2008 Essay and Poetry Contest
  21. Bulgarian poet Konstantin Pavlov dies at 75
  22. Poetry Workshop This Saturday
  23. Carol Burt: She is 'a teacher first,' and then watercolor and
  24. Donovan Leitch “Reconnect with Your Natural Harmony” By: Janet
  25. The mundane becomes a miracle
  26. Fall ArtsWalk: Art, poetry, music, movies and more at this year's
  27. FREE POM 3 Compilation CD download for Poets & poetry lovers
  28. Konstantin Pavlov, Bulgarian poet and screenwriter, dies at 75
  29. October's contributors
  30. Awards bring translators out of darkened rooms

September 28, 2008

  1. What The "Subprime Poetry Crisis" Means For The Overheated Metapor
  2. The Roustabout
  3. Poster poems: The rhythm of the falling rain
  4. For Kay Ryan, Poetry Is 'the Most Private Form of Communication'
  5. Poetry under candlelight
  6. Korean Poet Reveals Nostalgia for Homeland
  7. Revisiting 'Indian' poetry
  8. Rhyme and reason reign at poetry fest
  10. Word on the Street hidden treasures
  11. Poets perform rapid-fire rhymes
  12. Poetry feast
  13. Auditions for Power to the Poets Tours
  14. Pupils get a taste of royal poetry
  15. Cowboy poet, singer are performing in Reno
  16. State poet laureate to speak at local libraries
  17. National recognition for teenage poet
  18. A village ruled by the word
  19. Songwriter Paula Sinclair to perform poems
  20. Local Poet Draws Inspiration From the Berkshire Hills
  21. Arts: Glass creations inspire project blending art, poetry
  22. Tamblyn, the poet, stars in Litquake opener
  23. Experience Brazilian Literature in Chicago
  24. School Poets Line Up Prize
  25. Cedarmere Hosts Reading of LI Poems
  26. Lyrics from a lush landscape
  27. Open Mic Poetry at library Oct. 1
  28. Indian Poet Now Has Five Poetry Records with Limca Book of Records
  29. Translator raced to beat Russian vote

September 25, 2008

  1. Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet Mary Oliver comes to Ketchum
  2. Poet Diane Wakoski opens KVCC 'About Writing' series Oct. 6
  3. Poetry, Pottery & Pies Raises Funds for Poet Laureate's Medical Bills
  4. Poet Now Has Five Poetry Records with Limca Book of Records
  5. Michael Symmons Roberts's workshop
  6. Book On Legendary Poet Dinkar Released
  7. Indigenous music and praise poetry
  8. Book Festival Presenters
  9. Daughter inspires his poetry
  10. Love is not the enemy
  11. Academic studies Osama bin Laden the skilled poet
  12. A meeting place for poets, back to writing school, Jim Crace hangs
  13. Waray poetry lives
  14. A belated celebration of poetry
  15. Award-winning poet to read at SBU Thursday
  16. Felix's evening of poetry and wine
  17. Ask a poet: Philip Pardi
  18. Grad students to hold yearly writing forum
  19. Rise Up And Hear: An Evening of Poetry Honoring Abraham Lincoln’s
  20. Poetic licence
  21. Poet inspired by 'nature and the soul'
  22. Poet begins contemporary writers series this year
  23. Poetry Slam to raise funds for trip
  24. Poetry in Motion with Stanza
  25. Poetry In The Naughties
  26. Swedish poetry
  27. 100 years on, poet Dinkar remains popular as ever
  28. An 'Ode' to children's literature at Oaklawn
  29. Alum's Passion for Poetry Pays Off
  30. Profile: Andrew Motion, the poet laureate

September 22, 2008

  1. Enid doc enjoys creating cowboy poetry
  2. Poetic licence
  3. Extended Q&A: Fred Andrle, author of Love Life, a collection of poems
  4. A river of contradiction
  5. A meeting place for poets, back to writing school, Jim Crace
  6. Elizabeth Bishop’s Great Village
  7. Women’s week events feature novelists, essayists and poets
  8. SQA gets black mark for dropping Makar
  9. Cape authors publish topflight fiction
  10. AmaBooks to launch two new books during Intwasa
  11. Darwish painted Palestinian dreams in his poems
  12. Poetry On Demand
  13. Verses tell a whole other story
  14. A place for writers to learn, network
  15. Poetry review: Armitage maintains colloquialism
  16. Be Mesmerized by a Rare Fusion of Paintings and Poetry
  17. Art that feeds the soul
  18. The Assamese experience
  19. From Student And Teacher To Award-Winning Peers
  20. John Betjeman hated being Poet Laureate
  21. Transported by the art of Motion
  22. Fflur’s young, gifted and Welsh
  23. Doodles show lighter side of grumpy Larkin
  24. Son of a widowed city
  25. A poet explores the language of collage
  26. Poetry's popularity soars online
  27. Kathleen Norris battles 'the demon of acedia'
  28. English poet shares various poems
  29. Poetry recitation and discussion on Abul Mansur Ahmad’s birth

September 19, 2008

  1. Be Mesmerized by a Rare Fusion of Paintings and Poetry
  2. Howard County Datebook
  3. A poet explores the language of collage
  4. The poetry of memories
  5. Washington Post Book World Columnist
  6. Literati commemorate Shahriar on National Day of Poetry and Literature
  7. Guest commentary: Poetry topics surround us
  8. Teacher's book chronicles life of poet's muse
  9. Polish poet to praise life at reading
  10. ONARCHITECTURE- Poet to Architect: Remaking the way we see things
  11. Poet laureate strives to build poetry fans
  12. Leonard Cohen - Somekind of a Story
  13. Griffin student’s poem published
  14. English poet shares various poems
  15. Poetry's popularity soars online
  16. Indian Poet now has Five Poetry Records with Limca book of Records
  17. Poetry Archive puts American poetry readings online
  18. Festival of poetry at Mill
  19. The Underground Poetry Circus
  20. Bootle-born poet Matt Simpson on a life of writing
  21. Children's Poet Jack Prelutsky Gives Reading at The Huntington
  22. West Texas Poetry Fest debuts at festival
  23. Bushra Raja launches poetry collection
  24. Winning poem receives mixed reception
  25. Vermont Reads: Robert Frost - Conflict & Contradiction
  26. Peninsula’s diverse charm captured in new anthology
  27. Leeds poet on a prize rich list
  28. Fourteen Books Later Rock the World Arrives from International

September 14, 2008

  1. The Poetry of Scissors and Glue
  2. Arts Agency Chairman Is Moving On
  3. Laureate post is 'quite a ride'
  4. Autumn Equinox Poetry Festival
  5. Poster poems: a big disappointment
  6. The week in books
  7. Indian Poets Writing in English
  8. Jazz On The Ektara
  9. Writing in residence
  10. Local students celebrated at Longfellow Poetry Awards Sunday
  11. Poet laureate invites public to reception, reading this Sunday
  12. Saini KM: West Java's literary maestro
  13. Poet Laureate got writer's block
  14. Patriotic poetry stirs the soul
  15. Professor Ian Jack
  16. Tales of Two Cities
  17. We need to review our identity: author
  18. Lovers of literature in for a treat
  19. The ‘Ilustrado’ in Miguel Syjuco
  20. National Endowment for the Arts announces
  21. York faculty Member Publishes Poetry Collection, Shell Games
  22. News briefs
  23. Poetry Roundup
  24. Poet Laureate Andrew Motion says
  25. National Endowment For The Arts Funds
  26. Poetry festival packs a punch
  27. Catching the Poem
  28. Tales of wonder
  29. Learning and living good values
  30. Fall Preview: Books

September 11, 2008

  1. Poetry festival packs a punch
  2. Poet Laureate Andrew Motion says writing for the Royal Family is
  3. He wrote for us too
  4. Inspiring with words, not deeds
  5. Slam Poetry At White Plains Public Library
  6. Poetry Has Lost Its Appeal
  7. Auden not our contemporary
  8. Festival to showcase NM wordsmiths
  9. Poets at Hastings
  10. When I First Met Amrita Pritam
  11. Published September 16th, 2008
  12. Fitting the Art In: Farah Marklevits Opens the “River Readings at
  13. Poetry class helping break down walls in McLoud
  14. Society needs poets
  15. Poetry Flash
  16. Farmer poet balances apples and orations
  17. Single Dad Overcomes Rocky Childhood to Publish First Book of Poetry
  18. Sept. 11: In the poet’s eyes
  19. Fall Arts Guide: 5 questions for Felicia Gonzalez, Seattle Arts
  20. Russian poetry, put in perspective
  21. Poetry and Public Space
  22. Simmons festival taps poetry as bridge to Chinese culture
  23. When I First Met Amrita Pritam
  24. Writers' Forum features poetry festival bards
  25. British poetry series for BBC Four
  26. Writer, poet was a fine editor and a stickler for detail
  27. Co-Authors Laura Bush and Her Daughter, Jenna Bush, Will Present
  28. Donne Variorum Project receives further NEH funding
  29. Remembering Nissim Ezekiel

September 8, 2008

  1. Writer, poet was a fine editor and a stickler for detail
  2. Simmons festival taps poetry as bridge to Chinese culture
  3. On Poetry: Writers gain strength in co-op
  4. Remembering Nissim Ezekiel
  5. Russian poetry, put in perspective
  6. British publisher touts American Indian poets
  7. East Bay Literary Examiner
  8. Shelf Life
  9. Acclaimed native shares tragedies, struggles in work
  10. Poet's rhyming riposte leaves Mrs Schofield 'gobsmacked'
  11. Poet palely loitering
  12. Barron Arts Center series celebrates 30th season
  13. he hippest guy in the room: Poet Robin Blaser, 83
  14. Local authors read Sept. 25
  15. Words & ideas for the week of Sept. 7
  16. Exhibit honors poet Jeffers
  17. New Literary Art Form Discovered
  18. Kentucky Women Writers Conference
  19. City of Asylum celebrates what makes
  20. Secret capital of NZ poetry
  21. Poet of Reason
  22. Literary Datebook
  23. Cycle of life
  24. Lessons for teens, and an anxious cat
  25. Contact: Allison Hedge Coke, Reynolds
  26. Anne Compton
  27. Text tattoos gaining popularity
  28. The Modern Element and Invasions
  29. Hippest man on earth
  30. Jordan to Be Inducted into Affrilachian Poets Tonight

September 5, 2008

  1. Riverfront park with a view and poetry
  2. The Modern Element' and 'Invasions'
  3. poets speak their minds
  4. Poetry Walk Schedule
  5. US Laureate Poet Kicks-Off Russell House Series
  6. Pregnant Sculptures, Whirling Dervishes and the First Ever Poet
  7. Gray Matters: You Can Go Home Again
  8. Sellwood poet Paulann Peterson publishes new collection
  9. Second only to Byron  Fall Guide: Literary
  10. American Poet and Lyricist Jimmy D. Robinson
  11. Easton’s home-grown wordsmith
  12. Fall Preview: Poet John Ashbery Makes
  13. Gary writers publish their first books
  14. Bits and Pieces Brought Together: Ashbery and Naves
  15. Poetic licence
  16. Education for Education's Sake
  17. Renowned author opens USM series
  18. Ahmed Faraz, revolutionary Urdu poet
  19. Poem of the week: The Farmer's Bride by Charlotte Mew
  20. Magic and guilt
  21. Poet to perform at chiefs’ conference
  22. Our Lady Peace frontman Raine Maida
  23. Popular poetry season kicks off Thursday
  24. First work
  25. GCSE poem dropped over knife fear
  26. Italian homecoming for Dante Gabriel and Christina Rossett
  27. College maintenance worker honored for his poetry
  28. Series will feature slam poets, Pulitzer-winning novelist

August 31, 2008

  1. Release from prison inspires poetry
  2. Celebrities read poetry in Tulaan sa Tren project
  3. Crossing the bridge: Poetry, hip-hop, and the Palestinian experience
  4. The Modern Element
  5. What do poetry and anarchy have in common?
  6. Poetry peepshow
  7. Poster poems: autumn leaves
  8. New emcee brings humor, passion to Cedar Falls poetry scene
  9. Dreaming in the library
  10. Students promote Kapampangan through poetry
  11. A pure poet
  12. Philip Pullman: how I chose my top 40
  13. Local poets hope to spread awareness about endangered places
  14. Poet Ahmed Faraz buried in Islamabad
  15. The revaluation of Villa
  16. Music, poetry capture spirit of David Hammond
  17. Oregon Authors Speak on Central Coast
  18. Jalib’s poetry inspiration for youngsters
  19. Howl Festival
  20. A novel turn for Twin Cities poet
  21. Local lawyer is artist, poet, photographer in spare time
  22. Michael Longley a professor of poetry
  23. Brickbats and bouquets for legendary poet
  24. Become a Published Spenny Poet 
  25. On Stage
  26. Sillimanians bag top press literary awards
  27. Ahmed Faraz: poet of love and defiance
  28. Poet Gregory Orr to speak and teach at Atheneum
  29. Classic poetry gets the Jackson treatment
  30. The Poet is dead

August 27, 2008

  1. Michael Jackson records pop album of Robert Burns poems
  2. Three years later, poems are still putting the impact of Hurricane
  3. Brickbats and bouquets for legendary poet
  4. Poet Ahmed Faraz buried in Islamabad
  5. Poetry, Hip-Hop And The Palestinian Experience
  6. Lawrence Durrell in the ambiguous white metropolis
  7. Talking with Kapil Sibal
  8. Poet publishes first collection
  9. A great poet, Palestinian and human being
  10. Poetry transforms loss and longing into things of beauty
  11. Poet Gregory Orr to speak and teach at Atheneum
  12. The Poetry of Fishing: James A. Emanuel
  13. Adventist Lithuanian poet's fifth collection draws acclaim
  14. Ahmed Faraz: poet of love and defiance
  15. Poetry group scouting for new members
  16. UMW professor is state's poet Poets laureate
  17. Listening to Merwin
  18. The Year to Break Silence (Autobiographical). By Dr. Stephen Gill
  19. National poet visits Anderton Boat Lift
  20. A ‘bird’ in the hand
  21. The phraseology of old bones 
  22. Fans inspired by Coventry Telegraph poet Martin Brown
  23. The Hair-Splitting Difference Between a Poet and an MC
  24. Room with a view
  25. Combat Poet
  26. An evening of poetry
  27. Lover from Palestine
  28. Extends Its Community Connections
  29. Mother of raped suicide girl pays tribute to her poet daughter
  30. The Collected Poems of WB Yeats

August 25, 2008

  1. The Collected Poems of WB Yeats
  2. Poster poems: death becomes us all
  3. Book showcases nun's poetry
  4. Weekend book reviews
  5. Poets, artists address DNC delegates
  6. Poetry on Sunday: 'Grit and Green'Poet
  7. A Poet's Realm of Myth and Reality
  8. The Anger, the Longing, the Hope
  9. Poetry in motion
  10. Spreading the words 
  11. Original poetry White Moon by Wang Xiaoni
  12. Mahmood Darwish And Arab Intellectualism
  13. Alaskan Fiddling Poet brings new work to town
  14. Viva Villa
  15. Puppetry, poetry, song: Ripon International Festival
  16. Prof. Joe Heithaus and Fellow 'Airpoets' to Launch New Book Wednesday
  17. Lower Yoder resident recognized for literary works
  18. Poet Joel Toledo on exorcisms, shadowy secrets and beating the British
  19. Literary Inspiration on the Streets of DC
  20. Potty Poet  A Poet’s Realm of Myth and Reality
  21. Matthew's Poetry to be Published
  22. Tolstoy and me - The Last Station
  23. Shakespeare Society to Present 'Lyrics' With Pinsky and Cerveris
  24. Open Mic poetry readings begin at Driftwood
  25. Women Authors, Famous Names Drive Sales of First Editions
  26. Fleeting words
  27. Poets of the laboratories
  28. SAFMA reference for Mahmoud Dervish: A patriot who preferred pens
  29. Life is like a Gashapon egg for rising artist

August 21, 2008

  1. Poet Joel Toledo on exorcisms, shadowy secrets and beating the British
  2. Poets reflect on National Poetry Slam 2008 in Madison
  3. Artist defends himself
  4. Poetry from the Innermost Recesses of the Heart: An Interview with
  5. Inaugural Edwin Morgan poetry prize awarded
  6. Hampstead 1, Bloomsbury 0: Penelope Fitzgerald's loves and letters
  7. Man releases pain of past with poems
  8. The places our hearts call home
  9. Local poets to read on Third Thursday
  10. Pupil and Master
  11. OPINION: The anger, the longing, the hope
  12. Gathering truly poetic
  13. Poetry For Peace, words not war
  14. Top poets awarded in festival contest
  15. Poetry Comedy Waffles 
  16. The poetics of Palestinian resistance
  17. New Arab poetry award in memory Darwish
  18. The man from Galilee
  19. Funeral of Palestinian national poet held
  20. Fred d'Aguiar's workshop
  21. The Business of Fancy Dancing
  22. Poetry program still on a roll
  23. Jan Steckel, poet laureate for the hills
  24. Pam's legacy of poetry
  25. Poem of the week
  26. Ropin', ridin' and rhymin' on the range

August 18, 2008

  1. Mahmoud Darwish, Poet Laureate of the Palestinians, 1941-2008
  2. Cyril Goffe - The poet at 100
  3. Fleeting words
  4. Special: 2nd death anniversary of poet Shamsur Rahman observed
  5. Delighting young and old alike
  6. Poet explains his own creative process
  7. Freikeh Festival bears fruit for the first time in three years
  8. Review: From teenage kicks to poetry in motion
  9. Ode-ly enough: Kapil 'poet' Sibal reveals soft side
  10. Penchant allows women to speak in poems
  11. Poetry group is about more than written word
  12. An Influx of Poets  Poster poems: write a rubai
  13. Song & Dance by John Fuller
  14. All are princes, says winning poet
  15. Poetry slams Adversity in verse
  16. Gilbert man among featured cowboy poets in Prescott
  17. Legal eagle-turned-neta Sibal now tries his hand at poetry
  18. A poet, an actress, a gifted student
  19. Iran's expatriate poets speak out, in English and Farsi
  20. Ras Beirut's English-language poetry scene finds a new place to
  21. The reclusive Dickinson had a worldly mentor and friend
  22. White Heat: The Friendship of Emily Dickinson and Thomas
  23. First Nepali Women Poetry Competition
  24. Seventh Annual Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest Winners Announced
  25. Peace Dances and Rumi Poetry
  26. Attracting readers to Punjabi literature
  27. Poet Dannie Abse on how writing helped him through grief
  28. UI Press announces poetry prize winners
  29. Nye Beach Writers' Series to feature participants from poetry workshop

August 15, 2008

  1. Fleeting words
  2. Poet Dannie Abse on how writing
  3. A signal through the flames
  4. Jimmy D. Robinson Unleashes
  5. Iran's expatriate poets speak out
  6. When it comes to poetry, Mr Paxman
  7. Mauritanian poet wins Abu Dhabi’s ‘Prince of Poets’
  8. North Smithfield's Schweitzer wins arts grant for poetry
  9. 100 years old and counting
  10. Lord Byron's life of bling, booze and groupie sex
  11. It takes four to make a Dream Poetry Team
  12. Profile: Mahmoud Darwish
  13. Hopscotch - Excellent epigraph
  14. From slam poetry to matrimony
  15. Local poets feature at book festival
  16. Harvesting the Waste Land: An Anthology of New Criticism
  17. Local writers offer up smorgasbord of literary offerings
  18. Words take flight at festival
  19. Big Purple Undies | Lou Kelman
  20. Poetry Princess
  21. Crossing the final frontier
  22. Latest blog posts
  23. Palm Beach group puts poetry in motion
  24. Local Punjabi Writer’s New Poetry Book Released,By Acharya
  25. Poetry invites introspection
  26. Light on a poet's imagination, and an era
  27. Mad Men" Gives O'Hara a Boos
  28. Wenshun still shines brightly at 25
  29. Spike in sales for next poet laureate
  30. Writing marathon to hit Pickering

August 13, 2008

  1. Christina Patterson: Where poetry still has power
  2. (Don’t) Teach Mahmoud Darwish
  3. Local poets feature at book festival
  4. Harvesting the Waste Land: An Anthology of New Criticism
  5. Poetry reading series concludes this week in Bethany Beach
  6. It takes four to make a Dream Poetry Team
  7. Words take flight at festiva
  8. From slam poetry to matrimony
  9. "Mad Men" Gives O'Hara a Boost
  10. Local Punjabi Writer’s New Poetry Book Released,By Acharya
  11. Palm Beach group puts poetry in motion
  12. Writing marathon to hit Pickerin
  13. Crossing the final frontier
  14. Dr. Emman Was Expelled From ANA
  15. Latest blog posts
  16. Poetry Princess
  17. Light on a poet's imagination
  18. Star of Spike Lee's
  19. Poetry invites introspection
  20. Martin Carter’s poetry should be taught in schools
  21. Spike in sales for next poet laureate
  22. Poster poems: Songs of the city
  23. Flying the red flag for poetry
  24. Attention Poets
  25. Colleagues remember Guenther's passion for poetry
  26. Literary listings for August
  27. Top poet aims for brevity
  28. Poet finds a sensual new voice
  29. For whom the owl blinks
  30. Tapping into an area rich in poets

August 11, 2008

  1. Arab poet Darwish dies at 67
  2. It takes four to make a Dream Poetry Team
  3. From slam poetry to matrimony
  4. Palm Beach group puts poetry in motion
  5. The Prince of Poets is ending
  6. Poetry, Ping-Pong, All in a Day’s Work
  7. Madison poets finish third in second national bout
  8. Power To The Poets
  9. Gathering brings cowpokes together for poetry
  10. Light on a poet's imagination, and an era
  11. Arte Poetica: The Dream Poetry Team
  12. Latest blog posts
  13. Poets group to hold stage show
  14. Soaring towards serenity
  15. Famed Palestinian poet Mahmud Darwish dies
  16. Thirtysomething love poetry
  17. Rochester poets show poetry is not for sissies
  18. Poets are sought
  19. Massachusetts Club News
  20. Poets slam down their rhymes in Brink Lounge bout
  21. Poets gather by the tranquil Crowe waters
  22. Poetry Princess
  23. Literary Calendar
  24. Poetry invites introspection
  25. Attention Poets
  26. A Beat at the Coffee House
  27. Local writers offer up smorgasbord of literary offerings
  28. Flor y Canto: Celebrating Latino Poetry in San Francisco
  29. Poetry Corner: With age comes wisdom
  30. Launch for poetry CD

August 8, 2008

  1. Poetry Princess

  2. Kurdish novel re-writes rules

  3. At 93, MF Husain turns poet

  4. TV Dragon To Kick Off Literary Festival Programme

  5. Martin Carter’s poetry should be taught in schools

  6. Saluting a life in poetry

  7. Brent Cunningham

  8. Finding literary inspiration in a song

  9. Published on Sundays

  10. Shortlist good for small publishers

  11. A soul in exile

  12. Art/Culture

  13. Poetry in Palestine

  14. Contemporary Lithuanian poets presented to British readers

  15. Shenandoah, Washington and Lee Literary Journal, Wins Governor's

  16. Poem of young Lithuanian poet Lukas to be published in Britain

  17. Delaware poet laureate to lead writing workshop Oct. 23-26

  18. Beginner takes poetry prize

  19. Like Writing on Water

  20. No More Bush

  21. Voices of awakening

  22. Books of Hope brings the writer out in Somerville youth

  23. Lumley attacks 'obscure' new poetry

  24. A novel idea

  25. Outskirts Press Announces The Crow’s Nest, the Latest Publication

  26. Poet considered for national award

  27. Listen to What You're Editing

  28. Poets Deal With Life's Physical Limitations

  29. Logger poets bring revue back on road

  30. Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

August 6, 2008

  1. Martin Carter’s poetry should be taught in schools

  2. A Rakish Interview with Minnesotan(-by-Proxy) Author Bart Schneider

  3. Tapping into an area rich in poet 

  4. Delaware poet laureate to lead writing workshop Oct. 23-26

  5. August's contributors

  6. Poster poems: Songs of the city

  7. Brent Cunningham

  8. Colleagues remember Guenther's passion for poetry

  9. Published on Sundays

  10. Poetry in Palestine

  11. Art/Culture

  12. Voices of awakening

  13. Law student-turned poet finds fulfilment in poetry

  14. Bart Schneider's debut mystery takes a turn for the verse

  15. Spike in sales for next poet laureate

  16. Q&A: "Longing for the Past Yet Belonging to the Present"

  17. Flying the red flag for poetry

  18. Shortlist good for small publishers

  19. AS I PLEASE: Bad Poets Society

  20. Poet finds a sensual new voice

  21. A novel idea

  22. Contemporary Lithuanian poets presented to British readers

  23. InnerView: Rosemary Quinn celebrates the artist in everyone

  24. Top poet aims for brevity, ephemeral substance

  25. Robert Redford's green poetry and how to handle book bullies

  26. For whom the owl blinks

  27. Poem of young Lithuanian poet Lukas to be published in Britain

  28. Beginner takes poetry prize

  29. A life in writing

August 3, 2008

  1. Bards of a feather rhyme together

  2. Poetry: The poetry bug can bite at any age

  3. How Alliteration Enhances Poetry, Prose, And Memory

  4. Poetry conjures up sounds, images

  5. National Poetry Slam

  6. Pigeon race is poetry in motion

  7. NRI poetess Sujata Bhatt short-listed for poetry prize

  8. Poetry Slam for Vallejo Teens

  9. Space Foundation Gives Nod To Poetry, Awards Vanna Bonta

  10. Literary notes

  11. Emerging artists on shortlist for most valuable poetry prize

  12. A history of the Arvon International Poetry Copmpetition

  13. Focus on Arts

  14. Doctor finds his healing through words

  15. Colleagues remember Guenther's passion for poetry

  16. James Tate’s poems are about something and everything else

  17. Published on Sundays

  18. New terrains

  19. Yeats poetry in motion for unstoppable Murtagh

  20. Fun quizzes and poetry recital at the ICC

August 1, 2008

  1. The Madison National Poetry Slam 2008 team speaks for itself
  2. Emerging artists on shortlist for most valuable poetry prize
  3. A history of the Arvon International Poetry Copmpetition
  4. Yeats poetry in motion for unstoppable Murtagh
  5. The Power Of Peter Piper: How Alliteration Enhances Poetry, Prose
  6. Constitutional Poetry
  7. Scott Wannberg Thanks for the Poetry
  8. The songs that put poetry in emotion
  9. Poetry workshop at the Farnsworth
  10. The Times Literary Supplement Poetry Competition 2008
  11. Jazz, poetry help festival bid farewell
  12. Poetry in Palestine
  13. High Chair to launch 2 new poetry books
  14. Poetry, Religion, and that Pesky Paris WiF
  15. Book review: Al Young's poetry collection captures feeling of
  16. War poetry inspired wall hangings
  17. José Garcia Villa’s poetry now part of Penguin Classics
  18. Author Bonta Gets Space Award: To Boldly Go Where Poetry Inspires
  19. House of Hunger Poetry Slam
  20. Open Mic, Karaoke and Poetry Café- Fortuna Teen Style
  21. Enid's poetry is published
  22. Winners announced in the June InterBoard Poetry Competition
  23. Poetry & Music series
  24. Punt on a poetic pigeon
  25. UAH hosts Poetry Out Loud competition
  26. Adult Poetry Workshop
  27. Ideas, energy kick off Fringe Fest
  28. Local students, staff compete in National Poetry Slam Festival
  29. 30th Anniversary Quarter Horse News Poetry Contest

July 31, 2008

  1. Linda Bierds next book  Flight: New and Selected Poems will be out in Oct 2008
  2. He's San Francisco's pugilistic poet, for better or verse
  3. Fairfax woman's wild ride as national poet laureate
  4. A shower of poetry
  5. Web Watcher: Poetry in Motion
  6. The Poetry of the Earth Is Never Dead
  7. Robert Redford's green poetry and how to handle book bullies
  8. Episcopal Seminarian Releases Gay Christian Poetry Anthology
  9. Literary anthology
  10. José Garcia Villa’s poetry now part of Penguin Classics
  11. Spoken-word artists ready for National Poetry Slam
  12. Winery near Renner plans wine tasting, poetry event
  13. Practical approach by laureate
  14. Abritti announces poetry recitals in support
  15. Poetry: Is poetry's future as bright as its past
  16. Beginner takes poetry prize
  17. The power of Poetry
  18. Talk of the Times with Susan Jaffer
  19. Poetry Notebook 7-27
  20. Does poetry offer insight on Karadzic
  21. Living in downtown Flint is a mixed bag
  22. POETRY : Ozark Slam Team headed to national competition
  23. Poetry, short story competition at FJWU
  24. Love for a child and poetry begets a couple's literary publishing
  25. Herbert’s multimedia poetry performance
  26. The ethereal world of radio poetry
  27. Touting the joys of poetry
  28. State Museum will celebrate Calliope, muse of poetry, at Aug. 3
  29. Fred Dean: Teammates say he made game fun
  30. As I Please: Bad Poets Society


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