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Golden Giant
Written by Chinese Poet Hongri Yuan
Translated by Yuanbing Zhang

Who is sitting in the heaven and staring at me?
Who is sitting in the golden palace of tomorrow?
Who is smiling?
The golden staff in his hand
Flashing the dazzling light
Ah, the flashes of lightning
Interweaved over my head
I walked into a crystal corridor of the time
I want to open
The doors of gold
Lines of words in the sun
Singing to me in the sky
I want to find
The volumes of gold poems
On the shores of the new century
To build the city of gold

Laozi with rosy cheek and white hair
Smiling at me in the clouds
A phoenix danced trippingly
And carried in a book of gold

Lines of mysterious words
Made my eyes drunken
Countless giant figures
Came towards me from the clouds

The times of seventy million years
Emerged leisurely before my eyes
The cities of gold
Surrounded with the crystals garden

The sky of sapphire
Sent out the colorful miraculous brightness
On the green hills of jasper
Dragons and phoenixes were flying

Exquisite pagoda
Majestical palace of gold
The airy pavilions and pagodas
Standing in the purple-red clouds

The laughing girls
Riding the colorful husbands and wifes
The propitious clouds
Sprinkling the colorful flowers

I opened the door to a golden palace
Saw the rows of scrolls of the gold
A giant with the haloes all over his body
There were a golden sun over his head

With smiles, he picked up the books of gold
Recited the sacred verses
I was intoxicated with miraculous wonderful words
Surrounded with the purple-gold flames all over his body

A golden lotus
Bloomed beneath my feet
Lifted up my body
Wafted up from the golden palace

The red clouds
Drifting by my side
Outside of the sky I saw
Another golden paradise

The leisurely bells
Calling to me
The countless giants
Roaming in a golden garden

The sky of the ruby
The rounds of sun
Like the golden lotus
Blooming in the sky

The intoxicating fragrance of flowers
Like the sweet good wine
The golden trees
Were laden with the dazzling diamonds

The wonderful flowers
Bloomed for the housands of years
The land of gold
Inlaid with the gems

The pavilions of gold
Strewn at random and overlapped
Someone was playing chess
Someone was chatting

Quaint clothes
Colossal statures
Miraculous eyes
Happy and comfortable

The white cranes
Flying in the sky
The husbands and wifes
Crowing leisurely

Beside the old man I came
As if he was waiting for me
On the golden pavilion
He opened an ancient sword casket

A glittering ancient sword
Engraved some abstruse words and expressions
Which were clear and transparent like a lightning
Dimly glowed purplish-red patterns

He told me a metaphysical epic
The sword came from nine billions years ago
Which, was made from hundreds of millions of suns
It was a sacred sword of the sun

It could pierce the rocks of time
Open the layer after layer skies
Let the sacred fire smelt the heaven and the earth
Into the golden paradises

The old man's eyes were deep, archaic and abstruse
Dimly shone the joyful flames
He let me take this sword
To fly towards a new golden paradise

The huge golden lotus floated leisurely
I flew over the sky thousands of miles away
The huge pyramids
Loomed impressively in front of my eyes

The mountainous figure of giants
Walked about in front of the pyramid
The huge pyramids of gold
Were much taller than the mountains

The giant trees of gold
Like a forest
Stood in the sky
Laden with the stars

The multicoloured propitious clouds
Was a huge bird
In the silvery sky
Crowing joyfully

I came to the front of a pyramid
A door was opening wide to me
A group of blond giants
Sitting with smiles in the grand palace

A holy great old man
Reciting the singular language in his mouth
The temple was painted with the magical symbols
And the giant pictures of Gods

The palace was full of silvery white light
Blooming the huge wonderful flowers
A peal of wonderful mellifluous bells
Made the person suddenly forget all of the time

I heard an immemorial verse
It was written hundreds of millions of years ago
Related countless eras of giants
Created the holy kingdoms of heaven

Their wisdom was sacred and great
Knew completely the past and the future of the universe
They flew freely in the sky
Landed on the millions of planets in the universe

They made the time change as your pleasure
Which could reach another spaces
Make a stone turn into a gold
Make the gold bloom flowers

They were like the rounds sun
Which could erupt the sacred flames
Let all things blaze in raging flames
Turn into their imagination works

They landed on the planets
Established the golden paradises
With their magic abstruse wisdom
Builted the platinum cities

I saw the gorgeous words
Flashing in the volume of gold
And the magical wonderful haloes
Rotating like the colored lightning in the sky

I came to another wonderful heaven and earth
And saw a huge edifice of platinum
The whole city was like a piece of work
Sending out quietly the brilliant white light

A huge round square
Enchased some unearthly works
The giants of great stature
Came and went leisurely in the street

They wore singular clothes
Shone all over their bodies
With smiles on their face
Both men and women looked beautiful

They spoke the wonderful language
Which was as intriguing and pleasant as the music
Some of them run by spaceship
Flying around silently in the sky

I walked into a huge edifice of platinum
Saw a magnificent hall
Platinum wall was inlaid with gems
And there were also a row of unusual instruments

Their eyes were like bright springs
Wore the multicoloured clothes
Some of them were operating instruments there
Some of them were talking with each other softly there

I saw a magical picture
Drew the giant planets
Stood the cities on those planets
And there were aslo the crystal gardens

I opened a crystal door
Saw a group of happy men and women
They were singing softly
The blinking books of gold were in their hands

Both the clusters of flower and the glasses of golden wine
Were on the huge round table
The golden walls were sparkling
Carved with all kinds of wonderful pictures

I saw a demure girl
The golden halo was sparkling on her head
She dressed a purple-gold longuette
Which was as peerless as a sculpture

The pages were marked with whimsical words
Like lines of ancient magic symbols
Each book was made of gold
And it was also like a golden crystal

I understood their euphonious songs
They were singing the sacred love
They were singing great ancestors
They were recounting the civilization of the universe

Their city was garden everywhere
Surrounded with the sweet rivers
The whole earth was a piece of jade
And the clay was a layer of transparent sand of the gold

I saw some white-bright huge balls
Suspended high above the city
The giant balls were sending out dazzling light
Shone the heaven and the earth as bright as the crystal

The towering great buildings stood in great numbers
As if they were carved by a whole piece of platinum
Both the doves and some colorful birds
Were flying in the sky

I saw a singular train
Flying swiftly forward in the sky
The streets were white and bright
And any moving vehicle could not been seen

Their bodies were unusually strong
Playing a wonderful game
They piled up the pieces of great stones
Into some grotesque works

Both like some giant eyes
And some ancient totems
There were also some strange birds
Covered with lightning feathers all over their bodies

I saw a couple of tall lovers
They aviated a spaceship
Their eyes were quiet and bright
Shone colorful halo around their bodies

The wonderful space was gyrating leisurely
Like a huge, resplendent crystal
I said goodbye to the unusual city
Towards a space of golden light

The cities flashed in the sky
I flew over the layers of the sky again
And I saw a newfangled world
The multicoloured city of crystal

The high towers were exquisitely carved
Shone the multicoloured pearls
The layers of eaves were painted with dragon and phoenix
Hung the singing golden bells

The earth was a crystal garden
The palaces were limpid and crystal
Huge mountains were like a transparent gem
Lined with the golden trees

I saw the tall giants
Wore the purple clothes
There were a round sun on their heads
The body also shone a layer of halo

They sat up in the main halls
Singing a mellifluous song
Some were roaming leisurely in the garden
Some were summoning the birds in the sky

The crystalline airy pavilions and pagodas
Were beset with jewels and agates
A huge jewel on the spir
Shining the golden lights

I saw a holy giant
Sitting in the middle of a main hall
The purple-gold flame were flashed around his body
And filled with the whole majestic main hall

Full-bodied fragrance filled the hall
Like a cup of refreshing wine
Solemn expression was merciful and joyful
A huge book was on his hand

The hall was full of men and women
Listening quietly to the psalms of the saints
The lotuses were floating in the sky
Where the smiling giants sat

The golden light were poured down from the sky
Bathed in the whole crystal kingdom
Those jewels above the giant towers
Were just the golden suns

The golden walls of a golden tower
Were carved with lines of flashing words I saw
Flying around the dragons and phoenixes
As if they were intonating the inspiring poems

The smiling giants in the sky
A huge halo were aslo flashing around their bodies
Each of them was both dignified and tranquil
Floating in the golden transparent sky

I flew over the crystal kingdom
And saw the vast golden mountain in the distance
Sending out the brilliant lights in the sky
Where the propitious clouds were blossoming

That was a golden giant
Sitting in the golden transparent sky
His body was composed of thousands of millions of constellations
The golden sun was rotating on his forehead

He lit up the whole marvellous universe
The kingdoms of heaven shone in the sky
Here there was no the sky and the earth
The up-down four-direction were the lights of pure gold

The smiling giants were sitting
On the gold-engraved pavilions
The pavilions levitated in the transparent sky
Shining the layers of purple-gold light

The multicoloured transparent mountains
As if the propitious clouds were floating in the sky
The large wonderful flowers were blooming in the mountain peaks
And there were also trees of light

A river flowed from the sky
And the river bottom reflected a layer of golden sand
Some strange and beautiful birds and the beasts
Also were like some aerial phantoms

This was a world of light
Everything was made of light
The divine light formed all things
And the golden paradises

The golden giant I saw
Shining the kingdoms of heaven in his body
I saw the cities of gold
Which were brilliant and fascinating in his bones

I saw lines of extremely large words
Arranged into a huge book in the sky
It seemed as if they were the bright stars
Constituted a wonderful drawing

There was a golden pavilion in the sky
Flying around with huge dragons and phoenixes
An old man with the whisk
Waved to me and smiled in the pavilion

I seem to be attracted by magical attraction
Leisurely came to his side
He told me the golden giant
Was namely my great ancestor

This was an eternal palace
There's noso-called time
Holy light was exactly the God
What I saw was better than the heaven

He pointed to the huge book in the sky
And told me that was the mystery of the universe
The book contained magical wisdom
Created the countless worlds of gold

He pointed to a pagoda in the sky
Told me that was the temple of words
The light turned into the sacred words
And the words created the time of gold

He held up a very large pearl
In which flashed the pictures
He told me that it was the future time
That was all of the wonderful worlds

He told me that it was another universe
I still want to go to the paradises
He gave me the magical pearl
Let it be my future guide

I said goodbye to the holy old man
I set foot on a new road of the heaven again
I sat in a golden pavilion
Lightly flew to the distant outer space

First appeared Feburary 9, 1998
Bio:Hongri Yuan, born in China in 1962, is a poet and philosopher interested particularly in creation. Representative works include Platinum City, Gold City, Golden Paradise, Gold Sun, and Golden Giant. His poetry has been published in the UK, USA ,India ,New Zealand, Canada, and Nigeria.

With permission from Hongri Yuan March 29, 2018.


Platinum City
By Hongri Yuan

Translated by Manu Mangattu
Assistant Professor, Department of English
St George College Aruvithura, India

Ah! Of iridescent gems of time
The heavenly road you paved light!
In a kingdom of stars,
I found my home.
In the golden cities,
I opened the gates of the city to the sun,
To behold the godly giants.
At the royal palace of the jewel
I read of prehistoric wonderful poems
The enormous, gorgeous ancient books.
Carved with the golden words
The wondrous strange mystery tales,
Made my eyes drunken.
I walked into a full new world,
And saw the holy kingdoms:
Even before the earth was born
The erstwhile home of human history.

In the crystal garden I saw
A crowd of youthful giants,
Their eyes were bright and glittering
In the aura of the body sparkle..

Across Time and Space in crystalline glitter
Stands this moment a platinum city
A ship drifting leisurely,
Like large birds, resplendent in variegated hues.

They sang happy songs
They danced a wonderful dance
Lanky boys and girls in pairs
As if to celebrate the splendid carnival.

I saw a circular edifice
High above the city.
Giving out white-bright lightnings.
Raised ground to fly into the quiet space.

A frame of platinum edifice
Creating a beautiful pattern.
The whole city is a circle
Arranged into a fine structure.

Into a bright hall I went.
A strange instrument there I saw.
A huge screen hanging on the wall,
Displaying a golden space.

Like bits of colourful crystal gemstones!
Resplendent with variegated colours of the city!
Those strange and beautiful high-rise buildings
A sight better than the myth of the world.

I saw lines of strange letters.
On one side of the screen flashed swiftly
Numerous young and strong giants
An effort to concentrate on the changing images.

Their look is quiet and peaceful.
The learned flame flashes in their eyes.
In a flash of clothes
The next is a whole.

Their stature, unusually tall.
Each one is well-nigh seven meters high.
Both men and women look dignified
Almost no age difference apparent.

Their skin is white as snow
With a faint flashy shine
Bright eyes are as naive as an infantís
Also kindled with a strange flame.

They manipulate the magic of the instrument.
A picture of the changing space.
Their language is artless and plane.
As the bell is generally pleasant.

As I survey the length and breadth of the bright hall
I feel a powerful energy
Body and mind suffused with bliss and delight.
As if I too am a giant.

I seem to understand their language.
They are exploring the mysteries of the universe.
The cities on a lot of planets
Peopled with their countless partners.

Their mind they use to manipulate the instrument
Also can to transfer data be used
Even thousands of miles apart
Also to talk free to the heart.

Many lines of text on the screen
Is but a message from afar.
The whole universe is their home.
They build cities in space.

They use the spaceships
To transport you to far-distant other spaces.
Into a lightning, a moment, and you
Vanish into thin air, without a trace.

I feel a new civilization.
They have magical eyes.
They seem to be able to see the future
And can enter diverse times and spaces.

Men and women are holy and loving
Superior to our world's so-called love
They don't seem to understand ageing
Neither do they know about war.

Time seems not to exist
Science is jut a wonderful art
Their happiness comes from the creation of
A universe full of divine love.

I saw a young giant
Opening the door of a platinum
A round, magnificent hall
Packed with rows of giants of men and women.

I saw a crystal stage.
Gyrating at the center of the hall.
Where a dignified and beautiful girl
Was playing a huge musical instrument.

A bunch of golden rays,
Shifting with all kinds of brilliant graphics
A mysterious and beautiful music
Like the Dragon leisurely crowing.

Thence I saw an enormous giant
Jump out of the remarkable dance onto the stage.
His hands held a huge ball
Which flashed with many colourful drawing .

I saw a group of young girls
Wearing a kind of white dress
They seemed to fly lightly
Like the giant cranes.

The huge circular hall was resplendent
With clear, transparent decoration.
Like a bizarre gem of a full set,
Scintillating brilliantly in the light.

I saw a young singer
About the golden flame
The sound was strange and striking
Like singing , like chanting too.

Their music is at once mysterious and blissful
That shift randomly like the lightning
As if many planets of the universe
Shining bright and light in space.

The crystal city, aloft in space
Looks resplendent, magnificent
Countless wonderful golden flowers
Bloom and blush in that flawless space.

I saw an image of a transparent smiling face,
As if it were a colourful garden
The sky shed the golden light
And turned it into a city of gold.

I strode out of the circular hall
Came to a wide street with a smooth
Pavement covered with precious stones
And in line with the platinum edifice.

There are no terrestrial trees here,
But they are in full bloom.
Sparkling with rich incense,
Shaping a garden at the center of the street.

Some strange flowers were there.
The branches as transparent crystal
Flashing all kinds of brilliant colours;
And bunches of round golden fruit.

I saw a huge statue.
It was like a spaceship.
Clustered around by shining stars,
High above the centre of the street.

I saw the column of a dazzling fountain
In a huge circle in the square;
An elegantly modelled statue
Portraying a holy giant.

The soaring magnificent edifices
Ran round the circle square.
There were some garden villas
There was a platinum steeple.

I saw a wide river
Girdling this huge city
The bottom flashed with transparent gold dust,
Amidst which were scattered brilliant gems.

The planning of tall trees on shore
And a long crystal corridor
A big multi-coloured bird
Three five one group floated on the surface of the water.

I saw a vast forest
The swaying tree, a tree of gold
The trees with towering spires
And as some platinum Pavilion.

I saw some giants along the walk,
Some male and female bodybuilders.
At the water's brink or in the forest
Like birds carefree and relaxed.

The wonderful space was as bright as crystal
Embraced this platinum city;
A giant, white and bright ball
Flashing boundless light into the air.

It resembled the huge suns
And like the man-made planets
The whole city was shining too,
Weaving a rare breed of magic.

A strange speeding train circled
About the city back and forth;
There seemed to be a kind of track in the sky
Like a shiny silver curve.

They seated body white buildings
As if it was a dreamlike maze
This huge city was unusually quiet,
Could not even hear the sound of the wind.

I bade goodbye to the platinum city.
Near a golden space
Stands another city here
A huge city of gold.

The building here is also huge.
But it's another beautiful shape.
The whole city is glittering
Golden edifice as beautiful as sculpture.

Here there live some other giants.
As if from another nation
They have boundless wisdom.
Like a golden, holy civilization.

First appeared March 3, 1998
Bio:Hongri Yuan, born in China in 1962, is a poet and philosopher interested particularly in creation. Representative works include Platinum City, Gold City, Golden Paradise, Gold Sun, and Golden Giant. His poetry has been published in the UK, USA ,India ,New Zealand, Canada, and Nigeria.

With permission from Hongri Yuan April 12, 2018.


The City of Gold
By Chinese Poet Hongri Yuan

Translated by Manu Mangattu
Assistant Professor, Department of English
St Georgeís College Aruvithura, India

Ah! Into a pleasant hallway of gold
Thou did the crystal of the sky mould.
A shining City of Gold
Chanting unto me from far afield.
Into the golden gate I strode
A palace colossal to behold.
Without, a soaring Tower did dazzle
A towering wondrous Grand Castle.
It seemed to the past a billion years I travelled.
Perchance, a primal giant my eyes beheld;
In the breeze his sleeves fluttered.
A transparent golden Robe uncluttered;
The appearance was holy, hallowed.
With a sweet smile they bellowed
As tall as a mountain they loomed
But as light as birds they seemed.

Into a golden palace I sauntered
To regard the sacred giant
His body was like the Sun
Enveloped by a golden flame.

In the hall at the centre he sat
Where bloomed many a huge lotus
Some golden giants too were there
Sitting on the lotus flaunting a smile.

In that Grand Palace studded with gems
Hung an enormous mould of gold;
A mellifluous song lulled all along
Rumbling like thunder, causing concussion.

On the front wall I saw engraved
In a noble script, an impressive word;
Resplendent and magnificent, the whole palace
Was filled with fragrance, wonderful, intoxicating.

Clouds with golden wings
Were flying over: all a mirage
A blossoming thrice wonderful
Blooming in the garden outside the temple.

I saw a towering Castle
Like a mountain, upright in the sky
Brilliant design, gorgeous styling
As if God had built it Himself.

Colourful gems shine like a mosaic,
A medley of all kinds of strange drawing;
A round gold tower
Like a forest stands in space.

A broad circular Gallery then I saw
Surrounded by the golden castle
Each column was as high as ten thousand meters
Carving out numerous exquisite images.

I walked into a great hall,
I saw some huge statues
Like a group of golden giants
Smiling unto me.

I crossed a huge arch
Into a golden hall
To see a huge picture
Hung on the hall wall.

Each portrait of a transparent flash
Could draw a Golden Paradise
As if a three-dimensional space
Magically unfolded before thine eyes.

I heard a mysterious music
Which made my heart take wings
A huge picture of the holy girl
On a plucked instrument was manifest.

She sat in a huge palace
A giant circle around the ring seat
Every giant smiled and smiled
Curling around a golden flame.

This girl's elegant posture
Wearing a golden dress
Body shining like a huge halo
Resembling the head of a golden sun.

A huge palace like a fortress
Outside the temple was the endless Garden
Flying golden feather bird
The garden with its pavilions, terraces and open halls.

A blossoming of the wondrous exotic
Giving out an intoxicating fragrance
Like a sweet girl
With her model of elegant charm.

A sparkling waterfall
Circling along from the hill
As a crystal emerald
Haunting this amazing Garden.

A group of boys and girls:
Dressed in bright and colourful clothes
Some would sit and rest in the Pavilion
Some would walk in the flowers, in the game.

I saw a huge old man
Sitting in a red cloud.
Only a crane flew around
And there was a huge Phoenix.

Another city in the sky
Far from the golden light
At a grand chic
The sky stood in layers

I seemed to hear the call of the divine
The old man came leisurely.
He lifted a huge golden book
And a kind of novel language I heard spoken.

I saw a great line of words
Like a row of golden giants
They turned into a ray of light, and,
Suddenly flew into my chest.

My body was sweet and happy
The moment turned momentous
The sacred old man stood beside me
His smile filled the air of the city.

I became a golden giant
Beckoned back to the golden castle
Then came a giant
Who smiled and called out my name.

Our bodies were just as big
We were like twin brothers
And Lo! This huge golden castle
Seemed to belong to us.

All of a sudden I saw a vision
I too was a holy giant
In every palace in the city of gold
I too had left my glad imprints.

First appeared March 18, 1998
Bio:Hongri Yuan, born in China in 1962, is a poet and philosopher interested particularly in creation. Representative works include Platinum City, The City of Gold , Golden Paradise , Gold Sun and Golden Giant. His poetry has been more widely published in the UK, USA ,India ,New Zealand, Canada and Nigeria.
Phone:+86 15263747339
Address:No.18 middle school Yanzhou District ,Jining City, Shandong Province, China

With permission from Hongri Yuan May 29, 2018.



Golden Paradise
By Chinese Poet Hongri Yuan
Translated by Yuanbing zhang

Gold birds, ah!
Flew above my head
A golden ribbon
Spreading out to me from the sky
I saw the golden mountains
Smiling at me in the distance
The layers of airy pavilions and pagodas
Standing in the purple-red clouds
The gardens in the sky, ah!
The exquisite pagodas
The bridge of golds and gems ah!
Arched across the vast expanse of the Milky Way
I saw a giant
Waving to me in the sky
Stood on the propitious clouds
Shining millions of rays

The huge figure ah!
Like a high mountain
The golden dragons!
Fluttering around him

A round of sun, ah!
Shining above his head
The golden robe, ah!
Burning in the halos

I saw his magical eyes
And couldn't help thinking of the remote past
Ah,hundreds of millions of centuries ago
We once got together happily

You were both my great teacher
And also my close companion
We created together
The countless heavenly paradise

Your golden smile, ah
Made my heart beat lightly
The glistening tears ah!
Lingered in my eyes

Your holy hands of giant, ah!
Hold tightly with me
You dressed me a golden robe
Which was embroidered with dragons and phoenixes

The words of gold, ah!
Flew in your breast
And turned into the mysterious light
Shining in your eyes

I understood your gleamy words
And my heart laughed brilliantly
A round huge sun
Burning over my head

You opened the city gates of gold for me
And watched me crossing the huge garden
A lofty palace
Shone in front of my eyes

In the transparent white jade railings
Carved with the beautiful patterns
The steps made of the rubies
Reflected the smiling face of the sky

The huge column of gold, ah!
Carved with the wonderful flowers
The layers of eaves were hight above the sky
Like the golden birds spreading in the clouds

A holy old man
Stood majestically in front of the palace;
his body was as transparent as the flame
Sending out the resplendent red light

Your bright eyes, ah!
Contained the purple-gold flames
There are golden dragons
Circling around the golden staff in hands

Your high forehead, ah!
Rose like the mountains
The layers of purple-gold flames, ah!
Wreathing around your body

The golden lightnings, ah!
Shining in your bright eyes
I saw the rounds of sun
Burning in your head

You opened the door to the palace
And took me into it
A huge palace
Smiling at me in the sky

I saw the books of gold
Arranged in walls of the palace
The lines of gold words, ah!
Shining the charmingly light

The holy old man, ah!
Let me sit in the palace
To read the books of gold
And drink the good wine of wisdom

He raised the golden staff in his hands
Sent out the golden lights
The huge books of gold
Flew into my chest

The lights were shining before me
And I saw another sight
The countless gold giants
Flying lightly in the sky

The multi-coloured transparent sky
Many airy pavilions and pagodas
And the happy girls
Dancing and singing in the sky,

A young giant
Hold up the sun
In a transparent mountain top
Sending out the bottomless light

An old man with gray hair
Stepped on an auspicious cloud
And stood stilly in the sky
Smiling at the giant

A huge golden mountain
Which was transparent and gleamy in flames
Turned into a palace
And a exquisite gold pagoda

The young boys and girls
Riding with the colorful husbands and wifes
Shed the multi-colouredflowers
And which turned into the Gardens

I heard an intoxicating tweet
A huge phoenix
Carried a roll of golden books
Flying towards me from the clouds

The lines of mysterious words
Like the stars
Arranged into the singular figures
Shining before my eyes

A huge white crane
Turned into a young girl
who opened a treasure casket
While flashing a golden sword

A round piece of jade
Carved with the dragon designs
And there were the lines of words
Flashed the dazzling light

An old man with gray hair
Rode a kylin
Which flew leisurely in the sky
Carried a sword on his back

A huge sun
With a golden palace in the central of it,
revealed a young Prince
Reading the golden books in the palace

A huge mirror
Flashed in front of my eyes
A bolt of lightening
Awakened me in my dreams

I went back to the palace again
The magical old man
Still held the golden staff
And stood in front of my eyes

The golden books, ah!
Still shining on the walls
But the words of gold, ah!
Singing exactly in my chest

The huge golden statue, ah!
Flashed the dazzling light
The holy old man, ah!
The kindly smile appeared on his face

The layers of purple-gold flames, ah!
Surround me all around
The stars with much light, ah!
Shining in my body

I saw a huge golden crown
That few out of the old man's hand
And turned into a sun ah!
Which embedded in my forehead

Suddenly a flash of lightning, ah!
Went into my eyes
I saw a gold pagoda, ah!
Shining in the sky

A golden giant
Stood with smiles in front of the pagoda
A gold garden
Embraced the golden pagoda

The holy giant
Took me out of the palace
A white crane was called in
And flew to the sky with me

It was like a white light ah!
I came to the pagoda in the twinkling of an eye
The huge pagoda of gold, ah!
Was higher than the mountains on earth

It was more than ninety thousand floors
The height of each floor was ten thousand meters
It was like a universe
Containing the countless worlds

The countless suns, ah!
Shining on the floors of pagoda
The multicoloured stars, ah!
Constituted these wonderful designs

The countless dragons, ah!
Flying around the huge pagoda
The lines of wods of the stars
Shining in the transparent walls of gold

The golden giant, ah!
Wore the diamond armor
Smiled at me briefly
And opened the door of the pagoda for me

On the huge door carved with gold
Mysterious patterns were convex and concave
Like the countless stars, ah!
Spinning in the golden space

A golden palace, ah!
Were full of wonderful giant flowers;
The huge gold tripods
Burned in the raging flames

The giants were sitting
On the purple-gold pavilions
They smild at me joyfully
Like the long time parting families

The golden winding stairs
Coiled round the columns of the palace
Like the huge golden dragons
Flying into the sky with their head held high

I saw a huge ball
Which was in the middle of the palace
Like a clear and transparent crystal
Rotating the golden pictures

There seemed to be countless worlds
Fashing leisurely in the crystal
The golden paradises
Made my eyes drunken

The wonderful bells
Suddenly sounded in my ears
The giants that were sitting
Sang the thundering songs

The songs were like the golden lightning
Shining in my body from all quarters
My heart was empty suddenly
And saw the things of billions of years ago

Originally I myself builted
The huge pagoda of gold
The lines of stars on the golden wall
Just were the poems that I had written

The smiling giants ah!
All of them were my former partner
The huge crystal balls ah!
Were a golden universe

The golden pagoda with more than ninety thousand floors, ah!
Contain the countless the times and spaces
A golden staircase of time ah!
Linking up with the countless heavens

Into the stars that had been turned by time ah!
It's the sacred words
Each of the golden poems
Created a paradise

The huge golden tripods ah!
Burning the flame of time
Smelted out the countless stars
Forming the universes

The countless giants were sitting
On the transparent pagoda of gold
The light of their songs
Turned into the rounds of sun

I saw the crystal sky, ah!
Rotating outside the golden pagoda
There seemed to be countless golden pagoda
Shining in the sky

I seemed not to exist
And turned into the boundless light
The countless huge pagodas of gold
were just in my luminous chest

The countless giants who were sitting up
Smiled at me on the golden pagoda;
Their dazzling smils, ah!
Flashed the golden eternity

First appeared March 22, 1998
Bio:Hongri Yuan, born in China in 1962, is a poet and philosopher interested particularly in creation. Representative works include Platinum City, The City of Gold, Golden Paradise , Gold Sun and Golden Giant. His poetry has been published in the UK, USA ,India ,New Zealand, Canada and Nigeria. Hongri Yuan Phone:+86 15263747339
Address:No.18 middle school Yanzhou District ,Jining City, Shandong Province, China

With permission from Hongri Yuan June 29, 2018.



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